Teenage Thoughts

As much as i hate to
admit it,i’m definitely
not normal. But i alway’s
try to think of it as a
good thing i got a lot of
issues(a lot of messed
up stuff in my head)but
i’m also a very kind and
understanding person. I
won’t say loving or
friendly because first of
all i don’t love anyone or
anything(not even my
parent’s)i like my
mom>like a lot<but that
doesn't mean i love her.
And as for being
friendly,friend's annoy
and upset me almost
everytime, that's why i
hardly go and visit any
of em.i can only tolerate
them at school or social
network's.but after
that i don't really wanna
see them again.is not
like i'm a bad person,i
just got a lot of medical
problem's.i've got
serious anger
management issues(i
got no mirror's in my
room because anytime i
get angry i punch thing's
that's why my hand is
alway's cut)i wouldn't
want to loose control
and do something i
might regret later.and
i'm bipolar-i've got
multiple personalities_
one moment i'm the
cool and innocent
jamillah,the next minute
i'm a completely
different person. And i
got another problem i
don't even have a name
for.i love music and i'd
like to be famous for it
someday but most
time's i can't leave my
house.if i'm among a
crowd i find it hard to
breath and i almost
pass out.i've read
something about that
before but i can't
remember what it's
called. I would like to
just wake up one day
and be a normal
teen,but i guess that'll
never happen.most
times i feel like i should
be a cardio surgeon so i
could help people but i
also feel like going into
anything that allow's
me kill people(probably
the army)i'll like to write
more about my troubled
life but i have other
stuff doing.this is just a
brief look at the
thought's of a troubled


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